So apparently twin fins are not for decent critical waves, or for barrels and tight turns. That's what I keep getting told while trotting down to the beach with my twinnie.

"Oh, you are going to ride that?!.." are among comments forthcoming.

I have always had a bit of a different idea of twin fins myself and been lucky (and I do mean lucky) enough to have had some very well shaped examples. For me they are my go-to board. The one I dream about surfing in perfect conditions. You know what I mean. I am not saying that guys should paddle in at Nazare on one and I understand that every board has its limitations.

When I saw Torren Martyn getting involved on his twin fin at places you would not normally see one of these bi finned sticks, I was filled with justification and now had something new to step up to. Some lines to draw in my mind and above all, some twinnie stoke. Nothing like it.

Torren Martyn on his twin fin.

Torren Martyn on his twin fin.