Surf Bunker Help!

Find the answers to common questions of everything Surf Bunker right here.... if you can't find your anwser here then just get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

  • If you did not add your business to Surf Bunker then it was probably added manually by the Surf Bunker team or Bunker Bots. In which case you will need to claim your business.

    This is very simple, sign up with your businesses email address and after verifing your email address any business listing sharing that same email address will be automatically assigned to your account and you will have complete control.

    If this doesn't happen it's possible there's been a mismatch with email addresses - in which case just get in touch with us via email [email protected] and we'll get things sorted for you.

  • Right now there is no time limit, but we are likely to change this in the future to ensure quality of listings.

  • At the moment we are only allownig the following to be listed on Surf Bunker.

    • Surfboards, Skimboards, Bodyboards and SUPs For Sale (New or Used)
    • Surf Hardware including: wetsuits, fins, leashes & wax.
    • Surf Related Business that clearly fall into one of the displayed categories.

    We're working on adding other listing types, if you want to know when others are available please sign up for your free account and make sure you subscribe to the beta newsletter.

  • Nada, Nothing, it's free and you're welcome.

  • Just drop us and email and we'll do our best to get it answered