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Surf Hardware Reviews for your Products

Are you looking for a non-biased, credible review of your surf product?

Are you confident that your product is better than your competitor’s?  

Sometimes it’s hard to get out there, to get noticed amid the swirling vortex of paid for ads, constant promotions and everything else that we all ignore on a daily basis.

What we offer is 100% honest reviews of products. We have no ties or affiliations with any companies, no agenda of our own aside from breaking down the simple plus and minus points of your product through actual physical testing.

Surf Bunker has a global team of review specialists, all of whom surf to an ‘everyday’ standard, and are able to articulate themselves dynamically with the written word to ascertain the quality of your product.

We have a large amount of subscribers in the surf industry, a number of who are distributors and wholesalers looking out for new and worthy products on a global basis.

How do we get paid? The simple answer is, currently, that we don’t. Having witnessed the surf industry working from the inside out, we know that it’s all about profit and loss for the large companies as opposed to producing the best product for you, or in some cases the most ecologically friendly.

We do the research, the testing and write honestly, which is the simple reason we can offer a believable and credible review for your product.

How our reviews have made a difference to real companies:

  • Revolwe Sustainable leashes sold out immediately to an overseas wholesaler after reading our review. Read Review
  • Van Der Waal surf grip say 80% of their sales come through as a result of Surf Bunker reviews and articles. Read Review
  • needessentials wetsuits gaining a foot in the marketplace through working with Surf Bunker to help exploit the quality of their product. Read Review

All these reviews and their successes were a result of transparency, honesty and impartiality. The best thing is that it costs you nothing more but some or one of your products and the cost of postage. We will do the rest.

Drop the team a line at [email protected] to talk to use about reviewing your products.