If someone asked me twenty years ago, "Who do you want to surf like?" I might have said, Tom Curran, Kelly Slate or Taylor Knox. If I was asked that same question now, I would say... this guy. Torren Martyn. Why?He is always riding twin fins and using a combination of fancy footwork and natural balance to get himself in the place we all want to be... in the water hole, deep deep in the water hole. Oh and he wears the same board-shorts as me.

This latest offering from Torren and needessentials wetsuits is a big one. In fact it feels like the first real surf movie I have seen in a long time. At nearly twenty mins long, jam packed full of immersive surfing goodness and a sound track to make you stop and think, this has my 'stoke meter' brimming.

In a time when everyone is living with 'quick edits' and 2 min clips that are so digestible, this full movie needs and deserves some time to be put aside. Grab a beverage of your choice, slip on some ear phones and make sure you are not disturbed. You won't regret it.