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Bully the Wetsuit Washer

The Bully, a hangar that washes your wetsuit, that is designed to prolong the life of you wetsuit and makes it dry quicker and save a lot of water. In countries and places that have water shortages, that's a big deal. Beyond the product there is a fascinating tale of friendship and belief. Surf Bunker dives in and has a chat with three very good friends.

01 Dec 2016 Read more

Is this kid as good as Slater?

This awesome little short involves 11 film makers (one of them Taylor Steele), was filmed on RED Dragon 6K cameras and stars a kid that could be as good as Mr Slater and who has a familiar name.

17 Nov 2016 Read more

Should I Buy a Log?

Part of our surfboards buyers guide with honesty. What we talk about logs, what they are built for and if you should buy one. Includes some very nice footage of some logging and the way it should be done.

14 Nov 2016 Read more

Surfers Are Twats (Part 1) - Localism

We discuss one of the many ways in which modern surfers are infact twats. We fight over moving pieces of energy and compete for temporary ownership of these slices of nature. We resign those we love to a life of uncertainty and all for our selfish obsession.

09 Nov 2016 Read more

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