Would you like to be a Surf Hardware Tester and Reviewer?

Yes? Then read on...

How to become a surf hardware reviewer for surfbunker.com

We are looking for people in your country to be part of our review team. You need to possess a few skills and interests to be involved and we can then help you with the rest. It’s super simple.

  • You have to be able to surf, not like Kelly Slater surf - but well enough to know what you’re talking about.
  • You have to have access to waves (of any kind) to be able to test the products.
  • You have to have a genuine interest in surfing and new surf hardware.

The reviews that we publish need to be honest, factual and offer some kind of verdict on the product based on physical testing.

There is no need to apply or fill out forms, but simply write a review about Surf Bunker itself or about a piece of surf hardware that you already own and have tested. The review does not have to be long, just say what you see and write honestly. Everyone has their own writing style, views and opinions, that is what we are interested in.

Here are a few examples of past reviews to give you an idea of what we publish:

So, if you feel motivated enough to make the world a better place by helping people make factual decisions on surf hardware products, maybe this is the gig for you.

Please send your example review to [email protected] - or if you have any questions for any reason - just drop us an email.