From the second this video starts, goosebumps occur. The dreamy opening sequence, the visual stimulation and the dramatic music just lift you out of your seat and transport you someplace else. It draws you in, sometimes making you wish you could be there, in that very moment.

Forty seconds in things start to get serious and I'm happy I'm stuck safely to my seat. Ten more seconds and it steps up a gear and nothing else matters, my eyes glued to the screen, transfixed.

There's a lot of movies out there on the world wide web, some great and some not so much. What makes this one stand out is it's filmed by a renowned surfer turned photographer and filmmaker. Having travelled the world competing at a high level and then being known as a free surfer, he has a unique understanding of what it takes to get the shot.

We look forward to the Show Reel 2020, it's sure to be a banger.

Thank you, Laurent Pujol, for your commitment and your art, keep them coming.