We can not got through life without making a mistake or two, it is a fact of life. Here at Surf Bunker we strongly believe constructive feedback is progress, helping us learn and evolve with the times.

Have we made any mistakes recently?

The straight answers is yes. As you may have already heard, we just launched our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and we made some unforeseen errors. It was the first time any one of us had embarked on such a journey and it was always going to be an extreme learning curve. With your constructive feedback, it became obvious that our company goals and vision were not made entirely clear. We understand this made it hard for you to see our ‘big picture’ and who will invest into something they don’t know or understand, not many I am sure.

What we did with our mistakes?

We went back to the drawing boards and tweaked our approach. It has been four years that we have been known as an online surf magazine, bringing you articles about anything and everything surf related. What was not made clear was our dream to make a ‘Surfers Online Marketplace’. The vision is to make a level playing field for everyone to sell or buy surf hardware, on a global online platform. No more trawling on Ebay, Craigslist or Gumtree, find everything quickly and simply almost anywhere in the world.

We have now spent two weeks writing, deleting, re-writing, trimming away the fat, making and editing videos, posting, tagging and doing everything in our power to turn things around. The valley’s have been filled with the sound of tapping keyboards, as we’ve worked around the clock to improve our message to you.

To help us get the message out there, we have produced a series of very short clips, explaining who the Surf Bunker’s marketplace is good for, how and where it can be used.

Help us take Surf Bunker to the next level. Yewww.