The main reason we shared this flick is due to the skill, grace and precision of the surfer Thomas Martin. The second reason is because of the same set of attributes that are inherent in Self Surfboards for which Thomas has just started riding. In short, it's a match made up above.

There is, however an alter-reason for us sharing this media.

It became apparent to a few of us that Thomas bears an almost striking resemblance to one of our senior writers here at Surf Bunker. It could be said that from afar, Nic is a virtual doppelganger of Thomas, so much so infact, that if Nic were to inherit a few extra kgs and grow the hair on his face a little we might not even be able to tell them apart.

All in all, an awesome little movie that makes you want to slide. Well done Thomas, Self Surfboards and Nic.