This Dan we, can happily confirm, as THE most stoked Dan we have heard of or are likely to here about. If you watch this short movie and decide you know an more stoked or insane Dan then we would love to hear about it. I am willing to wager the messages on this will not be forthcoming. So please join me in perhaps a premature but nonetheless almost certain winning gold medal to the most Stoked Dan in the world.

This particular Dan lives on the Great Lakes, specifically Lake Superior and in the winter the wind blows, the snow falls , there is Ice in the water and there are, yep, you guessed it. Waves.

Dan has found a solace in surfing and looks on it as a life saving addiction. Dedication and a willingness to get past elements that might keep others, er, well most in there bed and a pure blend of courage, lunacy and stoke seem to keep this human called Dan in business and for this we can only salute as our 'Dan of the Year'.

Congrats Dan on this prestigious award and if you live long enough to make it to my part of the world, dinner is on me pal.

The best Dan in the world.

The best Dan in the world.

One man, one stoke.