We couldn't ignore this short clip of Nathan Adams riding his 6'6 Pleasant Pheasant, it shows you a few things that maybe shouldn't be overlooked.

Firstly, the style. Nate here has the perfect body position to be doing what he does. There is a flourish and finesse to the manoeuvres that are polished and lead him naturally into the next action. I believe we call it 'flow'. Each movement is providing the stoke for the next which makes the transition look seamless.

Secondly, the board. A single fin is meant to be surfed exactly like that and the wave is the epitome of perfect for that board choice. I Don't know about you but at some point in this flick, it seems as if Nate id on a longer board but that is not so. The board looks versatile, technically wonderful and suits his style and the wave.

What I am trying to say with wordy words is that I like it. I like the whole thing very much. This video is exactly the sort of thing I would watch to give me a buzz before going surfing or if I just needed a froth out.

Long live the Pleasant Peasant and a dip of the cap to our friend Nathan Adams.

Some long awaited single fin action from Nate Adams

Some long awaited single fin action from Nate Adams