There are apparently things that Fishes (surfboards) are not supposed to be able to do. They are (as I am consistently reminded) only for certain types of waves, I am normally told this by people who don't or never have ridden one for any length of time.

The simple fact that I have become used to is that it's not so much about solely the board but a combination of skills, shape and what you perceive to be possible. It's about having an open mind and battling to find new experiences which for me includes surfing waves that I shouldn't on my fish.

This video clip is of one who enjoys twins and fishes and likes to take them and surf them in places that others might not. In my eyes, he is someone who draws the 'right' lines. His surfing is easy on the eye and makes me want to surf when I watch him.

His name is Torren Martyn and the fish footage starts at 4.08. Enjoy.

Torren Martyn shows us what is possible.

Torren Martyn shows us what is possible.