Apple Surf Watch - Nowhere to Hide

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It has happened. The many will now suffer for the good of the few in the hive of 'interconnectedness' that we call life and the internet. The last safe place from being online has at last been sought out and exterminated.

Yes, I could use the Apple watch. I could surf until I got the phone call that I had been waiting for, I could Instagram live surf sessions from the line up, or check forecasts and tide sizes from out the back. Hell, I could even talk to my mum while getting shacked (if I was a better surfer), but has anyone stopped to think if we should. I know my words will fall on deaf ears as the tide of progression scoops up dinosaurs like me and spits them out.   

I have a crystal ball and I can see the future of a whole new wave of apps built around helping you and connecting you in the water. What might a person actually surfing need to know right there, right then? There will be a plethora of solutions. I can also see a future of people, most of the people in the line up (as most surfers are skint and too busy surfing) getting upset with notification beeps, watches ringing and over loud conversations. My mind turns to the amazing Dom Jolly and this....




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