Everyone likes a bargain and everyone likes to get their money's worth. The simple fact is that there are some things that are simply worth spending the money on. Like a parachute. Or a life-vest. If they are substandard in any way you might be in a bit of a predicament.

This just happens to be the way that I think about wetsuits, it's just not worth getting a crap one, normally you pay the money for a good suit. If its cheap, it's crap. End of story.

As a creature of habit I have always been a Rip Curl man and other than a brief dalliance with Xcel (before Billabong bought them) and recently Vissla, I have remained loyal. They have been my go to, I know my size, the models etc and its easy.

As I have said before, people like to get their money's worth and for 8 years I lived in a location that meant it was uncomplicated to obtain Rip Curl suits for a very reasonable price. With a recent geographical relocation 1000km to the south I find myself having to pay normal prices and my stock of wetsuit is running dry.

As always the best and only way to find out if something really works is to ask someone who has already bought one and then used one. I was in the market for a new suit and thought it a good idea to start talking to people in the car park and in the line up. I would however, recommend waiting before people have finished getting changed before approaching them to avoid unpleasant sights, especially in Europe.

My findings were, how can I put it, pretty surprising.

It turns out that there are other options to paying an amazing amount of money for a good suit. Unbelievably there are a bunch of suits that offer a good quality for less cash than the big brands. You kind of expect to pay a bit less for a smaller brand, after all they don’t have to keep Mick Fanning in cigars.

What did provide me with somewhat of a revelation turned out to be the exemplary quality of the suit that I did get. I have owned and used it for about 4 months now, I surf most days and can confidently say it is my preferred suit.

I can’t say it enough, get a NEEDessentials suit.

If you want a wetsuit that just works well and is high quality, keeps you warm and is flexible enough then this is 'destination stoked' for you. As I have said I have used this suit almost every day since I have owned it with only one minor complaint which is the lack of a key loop anywhere. Not really a deal breaker.

The 4/3 was snug and super warm.

The 4/3 was snug and super warm.

I will not bang on about the price difference but instead let you visit the website and have a look for yourself here.

How can they offer this product at this price you may ask? The answer, now I come to think of it seems simple. They sell the suit to you. No middle man, no cigars to buy for Mick, no expensive adverts, colours or branding. Just a suit that really really works.

Cheers Need, I am putting in my order for suit number two today.

Big Zip, super easy to get on and off and zero flushing.

Big Zip, super easy to get on and off and zero flushing.

The 4/3 was snug and super warm.

The 4/3 was snug and super warm.