Why Use Surf Bunker:

Whether you’re a surfer, shaper, shop or surf camp owner, Surf Bunker can make your life simpler.

Surf Bunker is for you

Why use Surf Bunker? Well, firstly it’s free.

The marketplace is tailored specifically for surfers and surf hardware. No more trawling on eBay, Craigslist or Facebook groups. Find what you need quickly and simply.

Setup a matchmaker and get notifications about specific items you're looking to buy.

Sell to other surfers globally or just around the corner.

Connecting the buyer and the seller of surf hardware is our MO. Our online Marketplace is there for you to be able to sell your unwanted surfboards, fins or suits. Simply take a picture, fill in the easy to follow dimensions chart and upload to Surf Bunker instantly gaining visibility of every surfer on the planet.

We hear people do not like paying for stuff, so we made it free. And it is working. Right now.

Surf Bunker is for you

What can Surf Bunker do for you?

We want to help promote your business by creating a fair, honest and level playing field for you to sell your boards.

We will give you the ability to expand your audience and reach more surfers. Let people know what makes your boards better than imported goods.

You don’t need a website. Use one of our business pages tailored for shapers. From there you can upload all the boards you have for sale and have discussions about future orders with potential customers.

Haven’t got time? You can do it all from your phone in five minutes.

It is working. Right now. And it’s free.

Increase your online visibility to local and visiting surfers for free.

You can have your own shop page on the Surf Bunker Marketplace. Simply upload images with descriptions of your hardware and start selling. It’s so simple, you can do it from your phone.

Enjoy increased footfall through your doors as local and traveling surfers locate your physical shop through our ‘nearby’ search services.

You have the most important job of all, repairing our precious surfboards.

Sign up on Surf Bunker for free and let travelling surfers know where you are and how to find you.

Get started now. It’s simple, it’s easy and right now it’s free.

List your business on Surf Bunker for free and gain access to our surf specific audience.

For you, it’s all about reaching the right people. We get that.

Whether a Surf Camp, Lodge or Safari we have given you a space on Surf Bunker to tell the world how good you are.

It’s simple, add your photos, a brief description and even your prices for rental and lodging.

Haven’t got time? You can do it all from your phone in five minutes.

Got surfboards to sell? Easily list them on your Surf Bunker business page too.

So why not get started? Sign up now.

How can Surf Bunker help you? We want to see your classes full of happy students. Reach the right people with one of our surf school business pages.

It’s Free, it’s simple and it works.

Sign up, upload your photos, add prices, courses and tell everyone why you’re the best.

It’s easy, you can do all from your phone in five minutes.

Got boards for sale? You can list those on your business page too.

How can Surf Bunker help you? each vista larger surf specific audience to take your surf school to the next level.

The surfers marketplace is available now!

Everyone can easily Buy & Sell surf hardware globally now.

What we will do with your Donation

New - An AI to assist with listing your items for sale - you snap a couple of photos of the item you’re selling, Surf Bunker’s AI will work out what the item is. We’ve already partially built this and it just needs refining.  

New - Instant Messaging - talk directly with the seller / buyer / provider about items before you make a sale / purchase.

New - Postage - An automatic postage feature which generates instant pricing from seller to buyer on a global scale. 

New - Payment Options - allowing you to make the sale or purchase directly through Surf Bunker. As a collective the more transactions we process, the lower the fees we can demand from providers. We can then pass these savings on to you.

New - Multiple Languages – Our vision is that Surf Bunker will work across a variety of languages, automatically translating listings and instant messages between buyers and sellers and removing the barrier of language.

Improve - Surf Business Finder. The benefits will include more categories of businesses and an improved feature to import mass amounts of boards for local shops and online businesses.

Improve - Matchmaker function – Currently one of the most popular features on Surf Bunker. If you can’t find the specific surfboard you are looking for, just log it with MM (Matchmaker) and let it do the searching for you. Receive notifications when when your dream item becomes available at the price you want.

To help us launch a European Funding bid for further investment and continue pushing the platform's development and growth with many new, exciting features yet to be mentioned.

Our Environmental Pledge

We want to give back. In our hearts, we have a deep and long-lasting respect for our oceans. As a responsible surf company we must help tackle the pollution issue in and around these bodies of water. This is our way of doing what we believe is right.

By definition, our reason for being involves the recycling of your surf hardware giving it a second life and helping to reduce harmful, polluting waste in landfill and our oceans.

Donating to a charity that actions real change in cleaning up our oceans and waterways. We want to throw this out there to you, our readers and backers. We will be inviting you to guide us as to which charity you want us to support and will be making a percentage of profits payment to them every year. Our way of giving back.

Surf Bunker is a marketplace that will continue to promote genuine eco surf products, spreading awareness of real issues and the actions we can take to make things right.

Providing a level playing field for all products and manufacturers, offering everyone an eco-friendly alternative.

Other ways you can help!

If you like our ideas, please give us a shout out on social media #surfbunker and share any of the perks with friends who you think might be interested.

Got any surfboards, wetsuits, fins, board bags, bodyboards you want to SELL?? Please help yourself to free listings on surfbunker.com - go on, it's FREE!

Got a surf related business? get a FREE business listing on surfbunker.com!

Thanks for taking the time to check out our campaign, if you are interested in talking to us, we would love to hear from you at [email protected]