Understanding the Ocean from a Surfer's Perspective - Taught by Dr Tony Butt

The Place: Magic Quiver in Ericiera (Portugal)

The Speaker : Dr Tony Butt

The Date: 20/10/2018

From our perspective, a surfer's one let's say, there is nothing more important than using information to forecast where and when a day is going to be epic. Nay, I talk not about the old equation [swell + off-shore = surf], we can all scan the numerous forecast websites for that.

I am talking about fine-tuning your knowledge, understanding nuances in ocean-floor topography, swell refraction, wave propagation, and the effect that local and long-range swell might have on your local spot. These are but the tip of the iceberg and help us water going addicts to better understand our environment upon which our stoke depends.

For me, there is one man who has the skills, knowledge and experience in this subject that outshines his peers. Dr Tony Butt has written books, keeps a website and has made it his life-long passion to educate others on this massive and complex topic.

At the office at Surf Bunker HQ, we like to keep good old fashioned books on anything surf from stories told by Jerry Lopez to surfboard construction, to (you guessed it) ocean and weather knowledge. The book that gets more of a thumbing than any other is ‘Surf Science’ by (you guessed it again) Dr Tony Butt.

A couple of years ago we had a chat with Tony whilst he was near Dungeons in SA, waiting for a big swell to hit. For some background on Tony and more of what he is about see here.

Well, it just so happens that Tony is coming to Portugal to give a days workshop on just this subject. For surfing geeks like myself who find the collection of this type of knowledge paramount, it is a ‘must’ that I attend. If you are in or near the area, and are as ‘single-minded’ as me, you should check in and absorb the heck out it.

Contact Mario at Magic Quiver for more details and hope to see you there, I will be the one geeking out hard in the front row.

Understanding the Ocean from a Surfer's Perspective.

Understanding the Ocean from a Surfer's Perspective.

Dr Tony Butt surfing a decent sized slab of ocean.

Dr Tony Butt surfing a decent sized slab of ocean.