The Carlos Munoz Story

The list of people who have beaten Gabriel Medina in a coloured comp rash vest is small. Kelly Slater himself has a losing history on average against Gabriel Medina and he (Kelly) is the alleged greatest surfer that has ever lived. 

Small wonder then that we were blown away when a wildcard, who had been voted in by the public off the back of a video clip, managed to beat Gabs at his own game. You know the game, the one that normally involves a last-minute wave to get the score. 

Carlos Muniz, from Costa Rica, is the guy who got the vote, got the chance and beat Gabriel. This young lad from humble beginnings and who seems to wear his heart on his sleeve believed he could do it. He did not falter, and, in what was to be the last Hurley Pro Trestles, showed the world what a talented and hungry kid can do. 

This little clip is as inspiring as it is relevant, the message is clear. Belief, talent and determination can get you just about anywhere. 

If you are reading this Carlos, you are our new favourite surfer on the WSL, and we would love to sponsor you. Unfortunately, our goodwill is greater than the size of our pocketbook and all we can offer is a voice of encouragement, a six pack of beer a week (not premium) and some recycled surf wax. If this is of interest, then fire us a mail at the office. In the meantime, keep slaying waves, practising the twirls and thinking strong. 

You have a bunch of new fans in the office and a place to crash if you need. Proof that head, heart and skill is all it takes to bring down the king, and everyone loves to see that.

Carlos Munoz is the man who has beaten Gabriel Medina.

Carlos Munoz is the man who has beaten Gabriel Medina.

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