In our continuing quest to celebrate those shapers that deserve the recognition, expose those of which you might not be aware and just plain geek out on some extravagantly functional wave vehilces we come to Todd Proctor.

Proctor Surfboards has been alive and spitting out quality custom surfboards for over 25 years. Todd Proctor, is the shaper with the dream to make the 'best possible board' for each surfer, taking each person on a case-by-case basis. For Todd it's how well he can get to know what you need, and that's his secret.

As Todd is right up our alley in the way he looks at boards, innovation and with an interesting take on the place of the CNC machine in surfing, we have fired some questions over to him. We will be getting to the 'nitty gritty' and talking some folks that surf his boards, maybe even get a little slide on one.

Watch out for the article coming soon on SB, in the mean time, enjoy the above clip of Todd's story and some pretty decent size right handers being ripped to shreds.

Todd Proctor of Proctor surfboards.

Todd Proctor of Proctor surfboards.