Mark Rabbidge makes custom surf craft with a difference, he also builds cars and other things that look super cool and by all accounts work very well. Mark believes in individuality and that in the modern surfing world some people seem to have lost their way and what it is all about.

Some say it takes guts to dare to be different but the world of surfing it is almost a right. These are very few sports in the world where buying a completely custom piece oequipment will set you back a fraction more notes than buying something generic off the shelf.

Mark has a pretty interesting opinion on the state of affairs as it stands and for those who have not heard of him or doubt his pedegree, well lets just say he shaped some competition winners for Tom Curren culminating in the the World Championship win in 1990.

The fact that Marks view in surfboard mirrors my own is beside the point, even if you love buying off-the-shelf boards, this is still a good flick from a true legend of the 'sport'.