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Published by Holyfins - 13 December 2022 - 17:37
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Location: Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France
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Newest addition to our fins collection, the RX1, is a performance thruster ideal for surfers in need of extra drive on their surfboard. In Hexcore construction, it features both a large base and rake to provide increased carving capabilities, control, and stability. It makes the RX1 the ideal template for a powerful and controlled surf.


Size M: 60-80kg (132-176lbs)

Front: Base 4.29" / 109mm Depth 4.57” / 116mm

Back: Base 4.25"/ 108mm Depth 4.55" / 115.5mm

Foil: Sloped, 50/50

New product, sold in its Eco-Friendly packaging. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. Worldwide Delivery ->

  • rx1  M  FUT 2.0  FRONT 2000 WHITE.png
  • rx1  M  FUT 2.0  INSIDE 2000 WHITE.png
  • rx1  M  FUT 2.0  BACK 2000 WHITE.png
  • rx1  M  FUT 2.0  SET 2000 WHITE.png

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