Northcore Surfshields Surfers Ear Plugs V2

Published by Northcore - 26 July 2019 - 12:00
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Northcore SURFSHIELD Surfers Ear Plugs are designed to block out water while allowing in sound for optimised surfing balance, equilibrium and protection against surfers ear. Developed and manufactured in the EU. Northcore Surfshields use advanced acoustic filter technology centered with unique organic TPE earplugs which are designed to fit neatly into the ear's auditory canal. Surfshields are 100% allergy-free soft washable material so are super comfortable, very effective and stay in the ear in most conditions when correctly inserted. The pack contains two sets of universal plugs to allow the user to find their perfect fit and an optional 90cm removable earplug leash and with slider to prevent loss of the plugs should they become loose. The set comes in a re-usable mini hard case for convenient storage in between use.

Why use Surfshields?

Block water - not sound. Reduce the risk of surfers ear Removable advanced acoustic filters 100% allergy-free soft organic material Includes two universal plug sizes for customizable comfort and fit Optional use detachable 90cm leash with slider

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