Maluku Surfboards - Maluku Kayu Pinline Surfboard - Blue / White

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Brand: Maluku

Length: 9' 6"
Width: 23" 1/2
Thickness: 3" 1/8
Volume: 87.50 litres

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Nose Type:
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Some designs never need changing. A longboard that'd be as familiar to a surfer from the 1960's as it is to a new generation of rippers - proving that with glide and speed surfing can be more art than sport. The Kayu is a based on a aboard shape we have been tuning and adapting for the last 20 years. Mid to low nose rocker for easy wave catching and nose riding, with higher tail lift for good manoeuvrability. Single concave in the nose, slight roll in the mid section to double concave with ‘V’ in the tail.

The rails run from soft and high in the nose, to boxy in the tail. Becoming fuller through the middle to aid with paddling and stabilityThe Kayu is an excellent high volume log which catches loads of waves when its small, and is happy to slip you into a bigger wave face for a fun ride… Surf the Kayu from the middle, or move your feet to the nose or the tail to get the very best out of this log.

Fins not included

Comes fitted with FCS 10” centre box.


Height Width Thickness Volume (Ltr)
9'6 23 1/2" 3 1/8" 87.5

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