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We are the UK distributors for this core independent wetsuit brand from the long right hand points of Portugal.

we love surfing, skimming, bodyboarding and SUP, anything that involves fun, art movements and being in the water. Our wetsuits kick arse, are some of the best on the planet and are worth seeking out.

We don't align withe global surf industry and are independent, do things differently and we make sure our wetsuits speak for themselves. Worn by WCT surfers, big wave riders and rescue crews, tidal bore & river surfers, locals that rip, those shit hot pesky super groms and normal folk who want something different from the pack and aren't afraid to be themselves and stick two fingers up to conformity and rules.

we are hard to find, we deal with independent people who love the water like us.

do not follow, be independent, kidnap yourself, your wetsuit kicks arse, leave mother nature to take care of the rest.

for dealer enquires, sales and custom orders get in touch, we don't bite, send us an email give us a call and we can help you join the Janga revolt!

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