JANGA PK3 Camo / Grey / Blue 2/2mm Mens Medium

Published by Janga Wetsuits UK - 29 May 2019 - 15:26
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JANGA - PK3 2/2mm

Men's Medium - Camo Green / Grey / Blue

This is super light, super stretchy, Super flexible. Da Real Deal!!!

If your looking for a suit to surf in all day without the pain of getting out the water just as it gets really good due to tired arms, then the PK3 2/2mm is the answer to your woes. Feels like no other suit you have worn, buttery like your not wearing a suit!

as worn by many of our team riders for comps and performance surfing due to it's weight. As warm as a 3/2mm but incredibly lightweight!

Chest zip with magnetic closure, JANGAprene desinged by The Doc, Hand made 1 on 1 suit in Japan, stretch liquid taping outside, high stress reinforcement point inside. The fit is amazing!


Janga says: “Not Much To Say... One Of The Best Jangas So Far.

Top Notch Jangaprene Super stretch and gummiest neoprene - Light weight - Kevlar Kneepads 100% Japanese Tape Reeinforced stress points Key pocket BEST SELLING JANGA WETSUIT ! Top Notch Best Janga so far? Top End, Top Light, Top Stretch... TOP JANGA.

Was £249 - Now £199 Holy Moly a PK3 for that price ... insane!

Revolt, Do not follow, Be Independent, your wetsuit kicks arse!


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