Fatum Surfboards Super Seven by Gero Tragatschnig

Published by Fatum Surfboards - 04 December 2018 - 16:08
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Brand: Fatum Surfboards
Shaper: Gero Tragatschnig
Model: Super Seven

Length: 6' 8"
Width: 20" 3/4
Thickness: 2" 5/8
Volume: 59.70 litres

Construction Type: Foam
Nose Type: Pinched
Hull Type:
Fin SetUp: Thruster
Resin Type: Polyester
Tail Type: Pin
Fin Brand: FCS 2.0


The Super Seven as you might have noticed is directly related to it’s ancestor the Super Six. This performance hybrid covers a broad variety of wave conditions as well as a wide range of surfers, giving especially intermediate surfers new possibilities for more (radical) maneuvers. Even with it’s character leaning more towards a shortboard, it’s still a relaxed paddler

The flat entry-rocker provides speed right from the takeoff. The concave under your front foot gives you the crispy feeling of a shortboard and the round tail in combination with the spiral vee bottom contour make the board easy to control even if the wall might get a little steeper.

The fin position is moved a bit forward and it should be ridden with slightly larger fins.

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