Delray Surf Designs Post Modern Fish by Peter Johnson

Published by Delray Surf Designs - 21 March 2023 - 02:28
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Brand: Delray Surf Designs
Shaper: Peter Johnson
Model: Post Modern Fish

Length: 6' 3"
Width: 22"
Thickness: 3" 1/4
Volume: 44.00 litres

Construction Type: Foam
Nose Type: Pinched Mid
Hull Type: Double Concave
Fin SetUp: Quad
Resin Type: Epoxy
Tail Type: Fish
Fin Brand: Futures


A descendant of the classic fish, this design has over 3 decades of fine-tuning and was first tried & tested in the waters of Fiji. It is the most versatile board offering rides in a plethora of surf ranging from vertical faces to mushy waves. There is an emphasis on the nose rocker and a tapered fishtail gives the board immense speed. Fins included (white future fins)

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