Haydenshapes 5'6 Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto V FF - FCS2 white

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Brand: Haydenshapes

Length: 5' 6"
Width: 19" 3/4
Thickness: 2" 1/2

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Nose Type:
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5'6 Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto V FF FCS2 - Your ‘one board quiver’ The Hypto Krypto is a balance between tradition and modern performance. This surfboard is suited for the elite level surfer to the everyday surfer, and it is often referred to as the ‘one board quiver’ for its versatility across all types of surf conditions – from small 1-3 ft beach breaks to barrels of up to 8ft.

With a high volume under the chest, paddling has never been more comfortable. What might catch your eyes is the outline which resembles an old school twin fin in the nose and a tightly rounded pintail. This kind of tail will not only give you enough speed, but it also allows tight turns in the pocket. The flat rocker profile with a slightly lifted nose gives you control over the board like no other, especially in the steeper part of the wave and with a concave from a rolled vee in the entry to a slight single, blending into a vee double out the tail your board stays under your feet. Besides that, the surfboard is packed with tons of new innovative technologies to give you the best surf you'll ever have. So if you are looking for a versatile and fun board, you should check out the 5'6 Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto V FF FCS2.

FutureFlex Technology
Designed and patented by Haydenshapes founder Hayden Cox, FutureFlex is a vibrant mix of modern custom designed materials and contemporary design innovation for high-performance surfing. The construction combines a stringer-less, high-density custom shaped EPS core laminated with biaxial fibreglass, epoxy resin, and a parabolic carbon fibre frame.
The FutureFlex construction creates a fast, dynamic and highly responsive surfboard that's been design engineered for performance surfing ranging from the intermediate to advanced level.

FeaturesFutureFlex ConstructionFCS 2 Fin SystemTail: RoundLength: 5'6"Width:  19 3/4Thickness:  2 1/2Volume: 29.83 Litres75kg / 164lb or lessCustom shaped EPS core laminatedlaminated biaxial fibreglassepoxy resin parabolic carbon fibre frameHighly responsive, fast and dynamic5 Fin SetupLow rail

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