FireWire Moonbeam by Rob Machado

Published by Jean-Charles Navarre - 06 July 2020 - 23:58
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Location: Bellmore, New York, United States
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Brand: FireWire
Shaper: Rob Machado
Model: Moonbeam

Length: 5' 10"
Width: 19" 1/2
Thickness: 2" 7/16
Volume: 32.70 litres

Construction Type: Firewire Construction
Nose Type: Full
Hull Type: Displacement
Fin SetUp: Five
Resin Type: Firewire Construction
Tail Type: Swallow
Fin Brand: FCS


Rob Machado designed this LFT shape while thinking of small, and weak waves; “The kind of waves I ride a lot here in San Diego, or an average day in Japan.” he says.

Only rode this one twice ( underestimated the volume for my 200lbs. ). Once under the feet, this is a very fast board, responsive and agile either in fast or flat sections. Perfect for the hollow waves of Long Island NY , and also looks great on small mushy waves ( again couldn't experience with my little overweight ).

The bottom has the "Board eats board" concave designed by RM, works like a booster when pushing on your front foot.

Retail price is $785, this board is in mint shape so rush for the good deal.

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